NexEnergy Inc. is dedicated to continually
researching, implementing and endorsing leading
eco-friendly practices and products in the power
generation market.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide customers with
sustainable solutions, aimed at achieving minimal environmental
impact and maximum economic efficiency, as we chart the course
towards a net zero emissions future.

NexEnergy NexEnergy




Who is NexEnergy

Incorporated in 2013, NexEnergy Inc. was developed to cater to
a quickly-evolving power generation market in the Americas
and Caribbean, working in close conjunction with its
established sister company, Carib LPG Trading Ltd.

NexEnergy Inc. collaborates with its global partners to further explore and develop clean,
hybrid energy projects focused on alternative, renewable and resource-efficient
approaches. Such projects include the sourcing of cleaner forms of thermal energy (such as
HD-5 PROPANE, ETHANE & LNG), complemented by sustainable power generation (SOLAR
PV) and site installations of battery energy storage systems (BESS).


the gap

During the transition phase to these greener
practices, NexEnergy Inc. understands that many
customers may still require existing power
generation units to be utilised in this process. As a
leading company in the region’s energy industry, our
experienced team is equipped with the knowledge
to bridge this gap seamlessly.


We can store, blend and supply any
grade of fuel for current power
generation requirements alongside our
commitment to ensuring a smooth,
reliable and efficient transition to a
clean energy future.

Collectively, NexEnergy Inc. and
Carib LPG Trading Ltd. have over 30
years of experience in the trading
and shipping of petroleum products,
from Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
to Fuel Oil and Diesel within the
Americas and Caribbean region.